Assignment 1

Create a web site for your chosen Shakespeare play with HTML and CSS

Maike Andersen ▸The Merchant of Venice
Maria Bajo GutiĆ©rrez ▸Twelfth Night
Laura Carpenter ▸Titus Andronicus
Nina Clapperton ▸Hamlet
Julie Clementson ▸The Tempest
Caroline Guillet ▸Romeo and Juliet
Daniel Poole ▸The Tempest
Sarah Scharrer ▸Hamlet
Bleu Simpson ▸Romeo and Juliet
Helene Jelso Spanthus ▸Antony and Cleopatra
Sakcham Tiwari ▸The Merchant of Venice
Lucie Wimetz ▸The Tempest
Yeolmae Yang ▸The Tempest
Shahirah Yuzari ▸Much Ado About Nothing

Please click the cover image on each home page to see read the complete play text.