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Page size in InDesign for eBook?

We’re creating a reflowable eBook in InDesign. We’re not planning a print book at all - just straight to an eBook; what size page should we choose when we use Adobe InDesign?


Writing with Atom

I just think that Atom is a brilliant text editor, and I now use it all the time. It’s good for code / HTML, CSS and all that, but it is also really good for writing and here’s why.


From Apple's Pages to Markdown

I have a lot of documents authored with Apple’s Pages. I wanted to convert these to markdown texts with the images (mostly screen grabs). The Pages file format is a proprietary format, and so we are dependent on the limited export features that the program itself provides. So how can we do this?



Everything needs to be perfect for it to work in the digital domain. Or does it? Can our screens forgive our little markup errors?


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