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InDesign to iBooks Author (Recipes edition)

An Authoring tool for an *Apple-only* hybrid format eBook. iBooks Author is Apple software for creating _Multi-Touch_ eBooks. We can take the content previously created with InDesign and import into iBooks Author from the IDML files.

This document last edited on: 2018-04-18

InDesign to the Fixed Layout Recipe eBook

This fixed-layout format can be considered almost the same as an interactive PDF, however, as you will see, the ePUB can have much more interactivity and, you, the designer can control the way the eBook is displayed.

This document last edited on: 2017-07-30

Making an eBook of Recipes

From text and pictures, we are going to create an InDesign document, export for ePub3 (reflowable) and then 'break open' the ePub file, check out the CSS and then make our own stylesheet to go into the ePub package.