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Video across a 2 page spread (updated)

There is an issue when video in a fixed layout ePub spans across 2 pages. This situation arises when you have 2 page spreads and you are converting to landscape. What happens is the video only really plays one half, even though, at first the video appears to be available full width. Updated with a javascript solution


Using Booktype to create a book in multiple formats

Booktype is web based, single-source publishing software for creating books. The software is open-source so you can (expertise needed) install on your own server and create and edit books and then, export to a number of formats. More information on the Booktype page.


Using Flickr to Generate an Image Gallery

We should all be very grateful that Flickr exists. This is one of the most popular (free if you want) hosting services that is also very sophisticated in the way that it delivers, and categorises images. But there is more; Flickr has an API that enables you yo pull your hosted pictures down to your own web site. I am doing this here (see the rolling banner on the home page and the galleries).


Reading Progress Indicator

Some time ago I wrote a post over on about a progress bar in a fixed-layout eBook. In that article I also made a link to a web site that spoke about implementing the progress bar in HTML5.


Page Size Issues in fixed-layout ePub

Following on from page size in the reflowable eBook, how about the fixed-layout eBook after it has been created as a print book? So you have used InDesign to create a wonderful printed book of a Shakespeare play, and you chose a standard page size (my example is: 216mm x138mm). Now when you make the fixed layout eBook from the spreads there might be a few observable problems.


Page size in InDesign for eBook?

We’re creating a reflowable eBook in InDesign. We’re not planning a print book at all - just straight to an eBook; what size page should we choose when we use Adobe InDesign?


Writing with Atom

I just think that Atom is a brilliant text editor, and I now use it all the time. It’s good for code / HTML, CSS and all that, but it is also really good for writing and here’s why.


From Apple's Pages to Markdown

I have a lot of documents authored with Apple’s Pages. I wanted to convert these to markdown texts with the images (mostly screen grabs). The Pages file format is a proprietary format, and so we are dependent on the limited export features that the program itself provides. So how can we do this?


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